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about us

I.C.U.M. (Italiana Costruzioni Utensileria Meccanica) is a seventy-year-old company in the manufacture of standard and drawing tools for tool's machines, brazed-tools and drawing special parts in hard metal and special steels for different applications
and types of machines.

The company is more than one hundred-year-old in professional experience: Founded by Mr. Francesco Cortiana in 1900, was taken over by his son Giovanni in 1940 who called the company "Utensileria Cortiana Giovanni" an up to now, thanks
to his daughter Francesca, they continue to hand on these indispensable values for a ever better success.

In all these years our company has acquired a great experience in the production of standard and special tools, turning toolholders, lathe, milling machine, various tools for other types of machines such as blades, knives, teeth, matrices .. and has worked
out different problems in the manufacture of special tools.

Our main object is to supply our customers absolutely with the best quality for the type of working of the tools required. This is also obtained through the cooperation of various universities.

Our company place their technicians at the customer's disposal for specific advices in
manufacture and appliance.

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